• These guys are as good as it gets and my favorite type of people to do business with.
    Our School district has long been burdened with smelly, hard, nasty water.
    I was given the green light to pursue solutions to our "impossible" situation as others have looked into it in the past.
    I reached out to multiple companies. Some didn't want to make the drive, others came and looked and shrugged their shoulders saying we didn't have space, or their solution wouldn't work because of xyz. Someone forwarded my information and our situation to Fidelity. BRIAN CALLED ME asking for an opportunity to come to take a look at it. We were just about ready to give up on it. He and his partner, Joe, came and encountered the exact same challenges and questions that stumped others and troubleshot and bounced ideas until they came to a solution to our problem, It was fun to watch. Once they fully understood our problems, they did TONS of research for us in regards to what our water needed and created a plan based off our water testing results. So they didn't just sell me something they had done before but a solution created to fit our situation, which mostly meant they ruled out a bunch of potential unnecessary purchases . The school board and I felt very safe in our decision to move forward with the install based on Fidelity's thoroughness, overall professionalism and the homework they did on our situation. The install went smoothly, and the result is exactly what we hoped for. We have future projects on the table that are sure to require a problems solver's mind so you better believe ill be utilizing Fidelity Plumbing.

    Great work. Great people. Great solutions
    Jonathan McClure
  • Brian is super nice and honest to work with. I got several quotes and he was the best deal. After getting to know him, I know that I will be using him on future plumbing jobs. It is nice to meet someone that doesn't pull the wool over your eyes or doesn't put pride into his work. He makes sure the job gets done and right. Also, he was nice enough to listen and answer all my questions. Support a small local business! Give him a call.
    Fiona B
  • We had our kitchen remodeled and needed to hook-up our new faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher, add a new line to the ice maker, etc. We were referred to Fidelity by our kitchen contractor.. What a find they are!!!! The owners of the company (Joe and Brian) are both plumbers and both showed up to complete our job.. They arrived on time, worked efficiently and completed everything AT A REASONABLE PRICE....And as per other reviews - these guys are really personable! I recommend Fidelity Plumbing LLC with no hesitation. Joe and Brian will definitely be my go-to guys for plumbing in the future!
    Vicki Briggs
  • Joe and Brian have saved my butt twice now!!!! I definently recommend them♡♡♡
    Hydee Liebelt