Everyone knows the frustration when you get into your shower and the water is freezing cold. At Fidelity Plumbing we understand the importance of getting your water heater working again….and FAST! We can service or replace all brands and models of water heaters. In most cases we can get your water heater up and running or replaced the SAME DAY!

Tank style Water Heaters

Gas, Electric or Propane. We install all brands but, like you, we have our favorites! Ask about the many warranty options that are available. Including limited lifetime warranties on some electric models.

Tankless Water Heaters

We are qualified to service or install most brands and makes of tankless water heaters.

We can service all brands and models of water heaters. Some common problems that we deal with include:

  • Pilot light failures with gas water heaters
  • Water heater flushing to remove sediment build-up
  • Leaking connections on top of your water heater
  • No hot water or degraded hot water
  • Hot water not getting to your fixtures in a reasonable amount of time